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Can the "Ultimate Workbench" be used for applications other than just Woodworking?

Absolutely! This Workbench is so practical, it may as well be called a "Utility Table". This Table can be used in any Woodshop, Metalshop, Printshop, Autoshop, Backyard Shed, Greenhouse, Garage, Utility Room or Project Center. Shooting enthusiasts will find it makes for an excellent Reloading Bench.

What skill level is required for this project?

Only a basic knowledge of woodworking is required to complete this project. The plans and instructions are very user friendly and easy to follow.

What tools are required for this project?

Basic hand tools are all that are required.

What are the dimensions of the workbench?

The workbench is 96"long, 30"wide, and 35"high. Of course the plans can easily be modified to suit ones space requirements.

Can the plans be modified to allow for various space requirements?

Absolutely! These plans were designed to be easily modified. The length, width, and height can easily be altered to suit the builder.

Can the "Ultimate Workbench" accommodate a bench-top vise, grinding wheel or press?

Yes! This Workbench is very structural, allowing you to mount any bench-top device.

How are the plans prepared?

The plans are professionally prepared and computer generated. These detailed plans show many different views, and various components are shown in individual layouts. A material list and assembly instructions are also included.